PhantomUnmanned machining

Phantom represents total reliability
In order to be capable of producing 24/7, you have to be able to rely on both the production process and your cutting tools blindly. Phantom cutting tools ensure a very high process reliability. This makes even unmanned machining a possibility. In short, Phantom will allow you to push your boundaries each time and explore endless possibilities!

Put unmanned machining to good use and stay ahead of the competition!

Apart from total reliability, performance and tool life are also essential. More complex products tend to offer a greater diversity in both turning and milling options. Phantom cutting tools allow you to count on optimum machining conditions and will take away any doubts about the result within the limits of a tool’s tool life. This allows you to stay competitive, even by comparison with suppliers from low wage countries, and allows you to guarantee the proper fits for precision engineered parts in order to avoid failure. Phantom guarantees you these things from the first to the last item in the series you are producing.

"There's no end to what you can do"

PhantomThe high precision and predictability rates allow you to return home without having to worry about your machinery.

The high precision anIn order to keep productivity up during the unmanned hours, you have to be able to rely on a controlled process with highly predictable results. Such a task imposes high demands on the machines and materials you are working with.
It is self-evident that the quality of the cutting tools used must also be undisputed. Phantom tools are undisputedly top-level quality tools. This is the reason why, for many, the choice to work with Phantom is very much a conscious one.

In the case of cutting tools, an important aspect of this quality is quality continuity. You don’t want to be satisfied only every now and then, you want to be able to put your faith in a 100% predictable (and thus reliable) outcome. Phantom guarantees you these things.d predictability rates allow you to return home without having to worry about your machinery.

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