We use different types of cookie for our website. We believe it is important for you to be in control of your online privacy. As a result, we want to be clear about which cookies we use and why we use them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone whenever you visit a web page. Our cookies won’t harm your computer, tablet or phone.

Cookies enable us to recognise you when you visit our website and remember your preferences. This means you don’t need to log in again each time you visit.

Which cookies do we use?

We use cookies that are necessary for our website to function; functionality cookies and marketing cookies in order provide you with a better service. You can enable or disable functionality and marketing cookies yourself.

  • Functionality

These cookies are necessary in order for our website to function properly. They recognise you so you don’t have to log in again when you next visit our site. These cookies also update web statistics and resolve any errors. Such optimization cookies make your (next) visit to our website simpler and more efficient.

For this purpose, we use: Google Analytics, Hotjar and Blue Conic

  • Marketing

These cookies ensure that the products and services we offer you match your preferences. To ensure you are presented with a range of relevant products and services quickly; enabling you to navigate our website quickly and efficiently.

For this purpose, we use: YMLP (email), MailChimp (email), LinkedIn (social), Facebook (social) and YouTube (social)

Consent for use and management of cookies

In order for us to use functionality and marketing cookies, we need your consent. We give you the option of accepting or rejecting these cookies when you visit our website for the first time.

You can also manage your cookies in your browser settings. This may be done as follows:

  • You receive a warning before cookies are installed
  • You choose to consent to all cookies or specify your preferences
  • You can clear existing cookies

If you use several browsers and/or computers, these settings must be changed separately on each computer, tablet or phone. To set this up, here are some links to the most common browsers for our website.

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Safari (Apple)

Firefox (Mozilla)



Please note that if you delete or reject cookies, the website may not be fully functional; for example, you may have to log in each time you visit or you may no longer see products or services that match your preferences, making your experience less user-friendly.

This information is designed to demonstrate that we comply with cookie legislation and always guard your privacy with care. We will continue to prioritise this approach in future, while improving your user experience.

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