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Phantom High Feed SC 3-flute cutter


2x higher feed rate for drills with Phantom High Feed SC 3-flute cutter
With the new Phantom SC 3-flute cutter, the Dutch machining tool brand delivers a significant productivity improvement for drilling in different types of steel. The feed rate in this High Feed drill is twice as high as that of the conventional 2-flute cutter; in chromium steel, for example, the feed rate is 0.25 mm per revolution.


The Phantom team has tested the new High Feed drill extensively on its own DMG machining centre at the brand’s own Test and Training Center in Beekbergen (Netherlands). They demonstrated that productivity can be greatly improved by moving from a 2-flute cutter to a 3-flute cutter for drilling in many types of steel. Instead of drilling with a feed rate of 0.08 mm per revolution and a cutting speed of 70 m/min in standard chromium steel, drilling can now be carried out at a feed rate that is three times higher – 0.25 mm per revolution – at the same cutting speed. And dimensional accuracy remains high despite the higher feed rate. The holes have a fit accuracy which falls within the H7 tolerance.

Longer service life

Under practical conditions, the 3-flute cutter offers more than just higher productivity. The three flutes provide greater stability. Rounded flutes force the chips to move towards the wall, i.e. away from the tool. The chips are then crushed against the wall of the hole, creating shorter chips which are easier to remove with the cooling lubricant emulsion. The tool is also polished, creating super-smooth flutes which contribute to effective chip removal. The specially adapted Alcona coating gives the tool a long service life. Using this SC 3-flute cutter, the Phantom team successfully drilled over 1400 holes (30 mm deep, Ø 5 mm, Vc 85m/min) during the test. In the same test, the service life of the 2-flute cutter was 900 holes. The drill is supplied in 5xD with a coolant feed and the AlCrN-X coating. Phantom supplies the drill in diameters of 5mm to 16mm.       

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