Drills - metal drills

The metal drills in this category are metal drills for professional use. The right drill or drill set is chosen depending on the workpiece and the material to be machined. However, it's not just a matter of choosing the right drill; the calculation tool for the chosen drill indicates the speed and feed rate required to achieve optimum drill performance.

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Drills - metal drills

Drill quality

There are many different qualities available in the drills market. When used correctly, the drills in this category have a long tool life. The HSS drills are generally designed for universal use, and the HSS-E version is comparable to cobalt drills. The HSS-E drill contains 5% cobalt to provide better performance when drilling stainless steel, for example. The 8% cobalt HSS-E drill is meant for specific applications such as aerospace and for Hardox machining. In addition to HSS drills, this category also comprises SC drills and carbide-tipped drills.

 Furthermore, some drills have been provided with special coatings to increase their tool life. Alternatively, coolant feeds are incorporated into the drill for improved chip removal and cooling during drilling.

Drills and applications

Metal drills are available in a wide range of categories and models. The best-known drill category is the flute drills category. This category also includes NC centre drills, centre drills, subland drills, annular cutters and insert drills. The drills are available from the value-for-money International Tools brand and the high-quality Phantom brand. 

Whether it be a small micro drill, an extra long drill, an SC aluminium drill with cooling holes or a carbide-tipped annular cutter, all drills are available from stock. The extensive filtering options make it really easy to select the right drill.

Drill set

Most drills are also available in a drill set. Drill sets are available in both the value-for-money International Tools brand and the high-quality Phantom brand. Individual drills can also be added to the drill sets at any time to keep them complete so you've always got the right drill to hand.

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